Nico Iturrieta INNERBAND

Москва, Lion's Head

Nico Iturrieta was born in Chile. Short after his beginning in the under Indi rock chilean escene, a mexican producing company gave him his first chance in the International profesional circuit of music. Country where he performed in media, concerts and soundtracks for television. In 2017 he worked as producer for russian artists as Elka, Anna Pletnova, Burito and LUB. What gave him local exposure. Now after 10 years away from music as a singer, he comes back with INNERBAND with a fresh proposal of Rock Pop electronic in Spanish. Good example of that is his first solo career Clip “ Sediento” Which was filmed in January of this years in “Atacama desert” and the 2 promo singles for Russia“Можеть Быть” (His first song written in Russian) and Tonight.

Мясницкая ул., 15